The Xro Dinn Chronicles Book One: Awakenings, hardback rulebook for The Xro Dinn Chronicles Second Edition

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The Xro Dinn Chronicles Book One: Awakenings, hardback rulebook for The Xro Dinn Chronicles Second Edition, by Matthew Webster

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The Xro Dinn Chronicles Book One: Awakenings, hardback rulebook for The Xro Dinn Chronicles Second Edition, by Matthew Webster

“What are The Xro Dinn Chronicles?

The Xro Dinn Chronciles is a theme-based science fiction role playing game. While the theme is science fiction, conspiracies and mysteries are all a central aspect of the game. The conspiracies revolve around an ancient race known as the Xro Dinn. While they have vowed that they are historians only interested in the acquisition of knowledge, many clues cause people to wonder if their interest is more than just academic.

What makes The Xro Dinn Chronicles different?

Science fiction often bases alien races after “monsters” or after humans. The ethos tends to be either that of a “hunter-hunted” philosophy, or one based upon our own set of values. If other values are presented, it is often to challenge the prevailing idea. What I have done in The Xro Dinn Chronicles is provide a rich array of alien cultures which are both not so different from our own, or very different with a rich mixture of everything in between. I have taken many of our basic assumptions about how society ought to be and presented a series of societies that get along well in many different contexts.

What Are my Role playing Options in The Xro Dinn Chronicles?

Anything you want! The Xro Dinn Chronicles is designed to be a multipurpose role playing game. You can focus on great mysteries of the Xodar Xro Dinn, the cyber-culture of the Quiizbenqq, the clan wars of the Middarians, or the espionage of the Borloans. These are but a few of the options available for players. Feel free to use all or none of these options. The The Xro Dinn Chronicles contains rules and information for working with hundreds of different role playing environments. What you do with your game is entirely up to you.

Features of The Xro Dinn Chronicles?
– A rich and detailed universe
– A quick resolution system
– A background story between the various books
– Racial technology levels
– Bionics and Cybernetics for each race
– Exotic non-player character races
– Unique player character races


The dawn of a new age is upon us…

Although we have been asleep in our dream crystals for almost 50,000 years, we have seen the comings and goings of many ages. We were part of an age of super-science and super technology. As members we could create stars and manufacture whole planets from the fabric of the universe itself. In our arrogance we thought we could do anything until one day we woke up a sleeping horde of demons. These demons, the Qualarians, were more powerful Tuluantos Empire, came to an abrupt halt. While most perished, a few found ways to survive. It took over 50,000 years to rid the universe of these Qualarians.

But now is the dawn of a new age. A new set of people have woken from the ashes of the old. Although bold, arrogant, and powerful in their own right, they do not realize the delicate thread from which they hang. But these new people have an edge. They are underneath our watchful eyes as we chronicle this new age, these new people. We are the Xodar Xro Dinn. We watch this new age, an age of awakenings, unfold before our eves.

Welcome to the universe of The Xro Dinn Chronicles. This is a complete science fiction role playing game which has the mysterious Xodar Xro Dinn as a central theme. The Xro Dinn Chronicles is a versatile game designed to spark the imagination. The intricate details allows for you to choose from many different kinds of campaigns. The choice is yours. As a player, you play one of the up and coming races within the galaxy. Each race is richly detailed to bring out the flavor of the race- even the technology is tailored to fit the physiology and culture of that race. I hope you enjoy playing!

– The beginnings of an ancient saga
– The mystery of the Xro Dinn and their chronicle of this new age
– 5 player character races and 2 non player characer races
– Specialized alien technology
– And much more!”

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