Wild West, roleplaying game

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Wild West, roleplaying game, by Anthony P. LeBoutillier & Gerald D. Seypura

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Wild West, roleplaying game, by Anthony P. LeBoutillier & Gerald D. Seypura

“Wild West is an exciting game of role playing, a game that allows the player to experience the Old West. Each player creates a character that becomes his alter-ego; Gambler, Lawman, Cow Hand, Outlaw, or Snake Oil Salesman. You, the player, have your choice.

The character finds himself on the streets of Dodge City, Kansas, unemployed and footloose after the Civil War, on a trail drive from Fort Concho on the Goodnight-Loving Trail; a range bred cowboy working a local spread or presiding at a hot poker game in the Custom House Saloon, complete with diamond stick pin, a cigar, and a hide out Derringer. The possibilities are limited only by the player’s imagination.

Wild West incorporates a unique system for advancement in skills and for establishing the outcome of the player’s activities. The many charts and tables required for most role playing games are reduced to a minimum while providing accuracy and realism unmatched in games of this type. The important role of the horse in the Old West is not overlooked, and in depth research of the weapons of the time provides the most complete and accurate listing possible.”



Western RPG by Fantasy Games Unlimited, published in 1981.



  • Softback rulebook (VERY GOOD condition)
  • Double-sided map (the wild west on one side, Dodge City on the other) (NEAR MINT)
  • Four reference sheets (VERY GOOD)

Note that although there is a box lid, there is NO BOX.

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