WARS Incursion, softback adventure for WARS


WARS Incursion, softback adventure for WARS

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WARS Incursion, softback adventure for WARS

“The Solar System is at war. Three differing factions of humanity and two extrasolar races are squared off against one another in the empty reaches of space, on the frozen surface of Jupiter’s moons and in the chaotic maelstrom of the Asteroid Belt. It is a time of terror, of danger, of WARS.

WARS Incursion is the first adventure scenario published for the WARS Roleplaying Game and is designed for a group of 2nd level characters. It is designed to introduce players and Games Masters alike to the exciting and vibrant WARS campaign setting, and to serve as a starting point for the campaign and the careers of the Player Characters.

In Incursion, the Player Characters find themselves caught up in a web of betrayal, revenge and deception ranging throughout the Outer Rim and threatening to set the entire Solar System ablaze. From the creaking, dripping Cellar of Themis Station to the brutal cold of space and the ruined bridge of an enormous derelict battleship, the Player Characters will pick their way through a plotline rife with danger but with very few clear paths. They might make and break alliances, turn enemies to their side or find themselves staring down the barrel of a gun.”

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