Vulcania, hardback roleplaying game


Vulcania, hardback roleplaying game

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Vulcania, hardback roleplaying game

“Vulcania is a tabletop role-playing game full of action, conspiracies and investigation, set in the smoky atmospheres of the industrial revolution of a Fantasy – Steampunk world.

Vulcania is a 436 pages all-in-one rulebook containing rules needed to play, both for players and Narrators. No need to buy dozens of books to jump into the mayhem!

The Letvian War ended ten years go but new powers are already plotting in the shadows. Explore a mysterious world, where human life is scattered among six volcanic archipelagos surrounded by a stormy sea. Take to the seas or soar in the skies aboard an Airship, face lethal enemies with the power of sword and alchemy and unearth lost secrets. Honing your skills to survive the bleak moors of chaos and harness the power of your own mind.

The war might be over… but there is no shortage of reasons to fight.”

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