Vivisection, softback supplement for Noctum


Vivisection, softback supplement for Noctum, by Mischa L. Thomas

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Vivisection, softback supplement for Noctum, by Mischa L. Thomas

“Beyond the darkened windows, beneath the streets and under the skin of the deranged they hide. Bodies of their victims turn up twisted, mutilated and defiled in ways that sometimes defy what we are taught to believe. Reports are amended, cases lost in a sea of red tape and the bodies are buried in unmarked graves. This is the Vivisection of reality in which the horrid truth is revealed.

Vivisection cuts deeper into the morbid and bizarre universe of Noctum. In here you will be able to learn of 19 new unique entities through the journal of Dr Danielle McCain. How does each creature kill, what do the witnesses report, what trace evidence (if any) does these horrid beings leave behind? How do you go about analysing a crime scene where the dark ones have wreaked havoc? And finally, what unique circumstance created each creature?

News articles, 911 transcripts, witness reports and uncanny journal entries will lead the way to the untold secrets of dark alleys and shattered minds. Jump right into this menacing world using one of the seven story frames. The bodies are piling up; rancid heaps of mutilated, decomposing flesh in the back alleys of slums. It’s time to find some answers.

Warning: Vivisection contains material best suited for mature players.”

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