Villain’s Kit, softback supplement for 7th Sea


Villain’s Kit, softback supplement for 7th Sea

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Villain’s Kit, softback supplement for 7th Sea

“Attention Game Masters!

If you have already joined Novus Ordum Mundi, do not purchase this book – it is on it’s way to you. If you have not, however…

This book is your Free Membership to Novus Ordum Mundi, the 7th Sea Game Master Society.


The Villain’s Kit includes:

  • Footprint Island: An introductory treasure hunt adventure for novice and experienced players.
  • The Powder Keg: A unique tavern full of NPCs, adventure hooks, and seven different backgrounds to make it fit within any of Theah’s nations.
  • How To Build the Perfect Villain: An essay on building exciting, convincing, unique and balanced bad guys (and gals) for your 7th Sea games.
  • Four New Action Maps: Leveled and ready for swashbuckling action, Players can fight their way through a Theatre, a Stable and Coach House, a Vaticine Chapel and the Powder Keg Tavern.
  • Sixteen NPC head shots: Great visual aids for your game; develop these characters however you wish.
  • Campaign Construction Sheet: Design, organize and keep track of your adventures.”


The Villain’s Kit came free with membership in AEG’s “secret society for Game Masters”. This copy has a gold badge inside with the membership number 0205.

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