Vampire Hunter$, softback roleplaying game

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Vampire Hunters, softback roleplaying game, by Mark Arsenault

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Vampire Hunter$, softback roleplaying game, by Mark Arsenault

“Are you looking for a night job? Do you need to make some extra cash?

Vampire Hunter$ wants you.

Looking for some action? Some Adventure? Vampire Hunter$ is looking for a few good people to join in the fight against the Forces of Evil while making a competitive wage. Learn valuable job skills like how to identify an undead creature, field strip an M-16 blindfolded, and the proper way to demolish a Vampire Lair without disturbing the neighbous. We offer above market wages and great benefits!

We are also looking for people with the right vision to become Vampire Hunter$ franchisees. Choice sites are available around the country and the world to make a great return on your investment while also making a big difference in the community.

Dial 1-888-555-NO-FANGS

Vampire Hunter$ is an Equal Opportunity Employer.”




This nice indie RPG so clearly wants to be the official Monster Hunter International RPG (the Larry Correia novels, not the Japanese video games). Larry Correia is a roleplayer himself, so I wonder if he knows about this!

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