The Complete Elmore, hardback art book


The Complete Elmore, hardback art book, by Larry Elmore

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The Complete Elmore, hardback art book, by Larry Elmore

“I want to make available, through this project, the largest, most comprehensive collection of the very best of my art spanning my full 40 year career. Many of the images I will include in this tome are being re-mastered using the latest digital technology from original film, for unprecedented quality, and several pieces have never before been published or rarely seen. Interspersed among the images I will also offer you glimpses into my studio and creative process, including sketches and preliminaries, as well as share with you my autobiography, my artistic journey, and my stories. I will start from my earliest childhood drawings, and together we will journey through my challenges breaking into the industry and frustrations with commercial art, through my years working in games and on novel covers and ultimately to my latest personal works.”


324 page, full colour hardback art book documenting Larry Elmore’s career as one of the RPG world’s best artists. This was produced following a successful Kickstarter campaign, and not surprisingly most of the Kickstarter backers wanted to hang on to their copies – so it’s very unusual to find one.

As well as the main colour hardback, this comes with an extra softback book of black and white sketches by Larry, seven art prints on card. Oh and Larry has not only signed this copy but added a little drawing of a dragon on the first page.

An amazing product.

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