Stellar Conquest, boxed board game

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Stellar Conquest, boxed board game

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Stellar Conquest, boxed board game

“The Heavens – A home to the ancient gods, an infallible guide to the traveller, inspiration to the poet, the ultimate enigma to the scientist, a wonderful and beautiful mystery to us all – now becomes the battlefield of the future.

You are a great captain chosen by your people to lead the search for and conquest of these new planets. All weapons and industry have been placed in your hands. The safety of millions of colonists has been made your responsibility. Your decisions will determine whether you and your civilisation survive and flourish or languish behind in the shadow of the others.



  • 520 ½-inch counters (MOSTLY UNPUNCHED but I count 21 MISSING COUNTERS; the game should still be perfectly playable without this small number of missing counters)
  • 21½” x 23½” mounted mapboard (NEAR MINT)
  • Rules booklet (NEAR MINT)
  • Player record pad (NEAR MINT)
  • Deck of 78 “Star” cards (PUNCHED and VERY GOOD, ALL PRESENT)
  • Four Task Force cards (MINT)
  • Two six-sided dice (PRESENT)

The box is in VERY GOOD condition.

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