Space Gods, softback supplement for Torg


Space Gods, softback supplement for Torg

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Space Gods, softback supplement for Torg

“They have come from beyond our cosm. But do they bring Earth’s salvation or its ultimate doom?

The Possibility Wars spread across the face of Earth in the Near Now, twisting and transforming our reality into that of someplace else. Now the message sent by the lighting of the Signal Fire has been answered by beings from beyond our cosmos. They call themselves the Akashans, but to the ancient Incans they were the “Space Gods”: visitors from the skies who led the South American Indians to greatness before disappearing.

They bring with them incredible psionic powers, powerful biotechnology, and a strange new method of spreading reality which could spell the end of the Possibility Wars. But they did not come to help us-instead they seek our aid against a menace so dire it threatens the very existence of their cosmos. And they have brought this peril with them to Earth.

This sourcebook features source material on the Akashans, the Comaghaz plague, the Star Sphere, and the realm. Included is GM material on biotechnology, psionics, Akashan reality mechanics, world laws, locations, creatures and new character templates.”

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