Sorte Deck, accessory for 7th Sea

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Sorte Deck, accessory for 7th Sea

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Sorte Deck, accessory for 7th Sea

“The Secrets of the Sorte Deck!

For centuries, the Fate Witches of Vodacce have used the sorte deck to train young women in the art of seeing and manipulating fate. Now you can learn their secrets,

The Sorte deck includes a full set of 78 cards (22 major arcana and 56 minor arcana), beautifully¬† illustrated by Jabari Weathers. Although similar to a tarot deck, the greater arcana of the Sorte deck is unique to the world of 7th Sea. You can use the Sorte deck as an in-game artifact, for fortune telling or as an alternative for rolling dice in the 7th Sea roleplaying game.”

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