RuneQuest (Mongoose 1st ed), Core Rulebook (hardback)


RuneQuest (Mongoose 1st ed), Core Rulebook (hardback)

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RuneQuest (Mongoose 1st ed), Core Rulebook (hardback)

“Greetings, and welcome to the latest version of RuneQuest, one of the most popular (and oldest!) roleplaying games written. For fans of the older editions of the game, welcome back!

This book contains the core rules for RuneQuest, everything you need to begin adventuring in a hundred fantasy worlds, with a thousand different characters. You will learn how to create an adventurer, equip him for a hostile world, fight enemies and manipulate the runes to create astonishing magical effects.

There are cults and guilds to join, and excel within, natural hazards to face and creatures to conquer as you forge your way through adversity to accomplish your Quests.

RuneQuest is back. Take up the challenge.”

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