Rolemaster, 2nd edition, 1st printing, boxed roleplaying game


Rolemaster, 2nd edition, 1st printing, boxed roleplaying game

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Rolemaster, 2nd edition, 1st printing, boxed roleplaying game

“ROLEMASTER, the complete FRP game system in one box contains
• SPELL LAW, the magic system
• ARMS LAW/CLAW LAW , the combat system
•CHARACTER LAW/CAMPAIGN LAW, the character generation system & campaign guidelines

SPELL LAW: Assembled into a single 112-page book, SPELL LAW is now a single mighty tome, including over 2,000 spells. for three realms of power covering 15 character classes. Featured are: detailed alchemy rules; individual spell attack tables for elemental attacks; a workable spell point system; and rules for the use’ of magic items in a campaign. (NEAR MINT condition)

CHARACTER LAW/CAMPAIGN LAW: The complete character development and – campaign guide has been , reorganized, indexed and revised. Includes unique trait development system, allowing . characters to increase their ability in any area of skill. There are no absolute restriction Campaign Law includes handy reference material invaluable to any Gamesmaster weather, encounter and price charts, guide lines for organizing politics, economics, realistic geographies and languages. (VERY GOOD condition)

ARMS LAW/CLAW LAW: The Rolemaster Arms and Animal combat systems combined! These fast moving rules still include individual charts for 30 weapons and critical tables for different types of strikes, as well as detailed creature attacks: multiple strike patterns of various beasts both real and mythical. The Martial Arts rules have now been revised and fully integrated into the ROLEMASTERsystem.” (VERY GOOD condition)


The box itself is in VERY GOOD condition.

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