Rocket Amoeba, softback roleplaying game


Rocket Amoeba, softback roleplaying game

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Rocket Amoeba, softback roleplaying game

“Simple rules for story games in worlds of the imagination

Jetting in to save the day for everyone who wants to play story games with their friends but is menaced by gigantic books or rules that melt your brain!

Rocket Amoeba is a set of roleplaying game rules you can use for almost any genre or setting.

Simple! Fast! Adaptable!

It keeps things simple, so it’s quick to get going and to play, leaving you to focus on your characters and their exciting stories.

All you need is a group of trusty pals with imagination and itchy raygun fingers, plus pencils and paper and a few six-sided dice.

Where it’s aimed at:

Old gamers. It’s a light set of rules you can apply to make pretty much any characters and handle pretty much any conflict. Rather than being tactical, with lots of options for scrambling for advantage, it’s story-focused: in particular, it’s aiming at the sort of action seen in TV, movies and comics. But without leaving players too adrift in a sea of options.

New gamers. Rocket Amoeba is also aimed at people who are new to story games and roleplaying. It’s easy to read and pick up. If you’re a board game fan looking to dip your toe in the water of RPGs and start making up adventures for your friends, this would be a good first step.”

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