Orrorsh, softback supplement for Torg


Orrorsh, softback supplement for Torg

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Orrorsh, softback supplement for Torg

“The Gaunt Man knows you want to live …

He created Eternal Corruption. You may exist forever, if you serve him. To serve him, you hunt down those who oppose this corruption: the Storm Knights.

*The Gaunt Man knows the prowess of Storm Knights.

He created the Power of Fear. The Power of Fear weakens Storm Knights and strengthens his servants. In the legends of Orrorsh, heroes die.

*The Gaunt Man knows he shall win.

He created Orrorsh. Only heroes who expect to die enter his realm. He is certain that heroes shall not make the sacrifices necessary to stop him.

*Only you know if the Gaunt Man is right.

The Possibility Wars rage across Earth in the Near Now, creating new realities that change portions of the world into someplace else. Soon Orrorsh shall be poised to spread its Ecology of Horror across every cosm.

A Companion Volume to the Torg Roleplaying Game

This volume describes the horror reality of the Gaunt Man. Orrorsh is gas-lit streets bordering a dense, nearly impenetrable jungle. Nightmare servants create horrors, some that defy description, others that live next door. The supplement contains rules for tailor-made creatures; a flexible occult magic system of brutal power; information on Heketon, the most powerful Darkness Device of all; and the Victorians, their church, miracles, monsters and more.”

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