The Living Land, softback supplement for Torg


The Living Land, softback supplement for Torg



The Living Land, softback supplement for Torg

“Earth is at war, and reality hangs in the balance …

ln the turbulent Near Now of Earth’s history, our world is plunged into the reality-changing Possibility Wars. Large areas of our planet have been radically altered, the very laws of nature mutated – portions of the Earth turned into someplace else.

North America has been invaded by the followers of Baruk Kaah, High Lord of the Living Land. Now, a realm of dinosaurs and spiritual magic stretches across the continent. From New York to Ohio, from Sacramento to Washington State, and throughout the tundra wastes of Canada, a primitive, violent reality has impressed itself on our world.

The United States is a savage place. Dinosaurs crash through deserted cities. Blood-crazed tribes of humanoid lizards roam unchecked. The U.S. and Canadian governments struggle to retain control of those areas not yet affected by the unending reality storms. Technology no longer functions in the primitive realm. Our weapons of war have been rendered useless by the altered laws of nature. Only you, the Storm Knights, can save our reality from the invading hordes.”

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