Lace & Steel, boxed roleplaying game


Lace & Steel, boxed roleplaying game, by Paul Kidd

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Lace & Steel, boxed roleplaying game, by Paul Kidd

“Welcome to a world of grace and beauty, of breathtaking romance and dashing adventure. A fantasy world of swashbuckling, of dire magics and dazzling balls, where the royal court provides as much challenge to a player as the battlefields or the faerie forests.

LACE & STEEL takes role playing games out of their rut of dour violence and aggression to offer a whole universe of other possibilities. Characters establish personalities, friendships and hatreds, fears and loves to make interpersonal relations a vital part of play. Rules for romance, repartee conflict, flirtation and fashion give players the unique opportunity to venture into courtly role play-a playing style where the ladies can truly come into their own. For the military minded, there are rules for massed battles and sea fights, deadly magic and duels.”



An unusual Australian RPG from 1989.


  • Book One – Characters (NEAR MINT condition)
  • Book Two – Naked Steel (NEAR MINT)
  • Book Three – Mittelmarch (NEAR MINT)
  • Book Four – Adventures (NEAR MINT)
  • Another Book Four (also NEAR MINT)
  • Two card decks (one NEAR MINT, the other MINT and still in shrink)
  • Outer box sleeve (FAIR)

There is no box, only the box sleeve.



Traveller fans may recognise the art style used throughout. The artist was Donna Barr, who did a lot of illustrations in the Journal of the Travellers’ Aid Society and a few other Traveller products.

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