Knight Hawks + extras, boxed supplement for Star Frontiers


Knight Hawks + extras, boxed supplement for Star Frontiers

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Knight Hawks + extras, boxed supplement for Star Frontiers

“Experience an outer space product of your imagination.

Your imagination becomes your secret weapon.

By choosing one of the four ready-made scenarios or creating a situation of your own, the campaign begins. You’ll face the excitement of ship-to-ship combat and plan your tactical victories on the Knight Hawks game board. You’ll learn all details of spaceship design and operation. And by combining this knowledge with the vast reaches of your imagination, victory may be lodged in a single roll of the dice!

Knight Hawks can be played as a beginning or advanced game when played separately or can combine with and expand the original Star Frontiers Alpha Dawn game. Together they open an infinite universe of role-playing and board game fun.

This set includes a 64-page role-playing rules expansion book (NEAR MINT condition), 16-page board game rules book (VERY GOOD), 16-page Warriors of the White Light mission brief (VERY GOOD), 22.5″ x 35″ full-color map (MINT), 285 colour counters (MINT and UNPUNCHED), and two 10-sided dice (NOT PRESENT).”


The box is in GOOD condition.


This copy also comes with a number of articles and scenarios pulled out of Dragon Magazine’s ARES science fiction section:

  • Miniatures Rules for the Star Frontiers Knight Hawks game
  • The Battle at Ebony Eyes
  • Yachts and Privateers Return
  • Fast and Deadly
  • Day of the Juggernaut
  • The Zuraqqor Strike Back!



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