Howling Wilderness, softback supplement for Twilight: 2000


Howling Wilderness, softback supplement for Twilight: 2000, by Loren K. Wiseman



Howling Wilderness, softback supplement for Twilight: 2000, by Loren K. Wiseman

“What happened to the United States from 1997 to 2001 is a question of interest to almost every referee and player of Twilight: 2000. Even those whose campaigns are not set in the United States want to know what happened to their home town, or how far the Soviets managed to get in Alaska, or what areas are controlled by New America.

Howling Wilderness is a sourcebook of the United States of America for use with Twilight: 2000, GDW’s WWlll role-playing game. It describes the events in America during the years leading up to the war. It describes the preparations for nuclear attack taken by the government, and why many of those preparations failed. It describes the attack upon the United States in November of 1997, and the aftermath of that attack. In addition, it carries the Twilight: 2000 future history through May of 2001, and summarizes conditions in the U.S. as of that date. It will also deal with the shift in weather patterns in late 2000/early 2001, and the effects this will have.

Howling Wilderness contains the following:

  • Discussions of the status of Civgov, Milgov, and New America, including current territories as of 200 1, a summary of available military forces, and a brief history of each in the years from 1997 to 2001.
  • Maps showing the location of each major nuclear strike and details of the more important ones.
  • A state-by-state rundown of local conditions, concentrating upon what effects the drought will have on each.
  • This sourcebook also includes a special bonus: Twilight Citymaker. This is a collection of geomorphic map sections of various urban areas. We have provided a nice selection of geomorphic sections (over 100 different ones) for referees to photocopy. Using these geomorphs, referees can put together villages, towns, and fortified strongpoints at a moment’s notice, or make them up quickly and easily ahead of time.”

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