High Frontier, softback supplement for 2089


High Frontier, softback supplement for 2089

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High Frontier, softback supplement for 2089

“Aerial warfare in the world of 2089 has not changed much from its 20th century origins: bombers still punish targets on the ground or perform reconnaissance, with fighters and interceptors assigned to the multiple function of supporting their flying partners as well as earthbound allies. Stealth technology is common amongst planes but, with improving radar systems and scanners, pilots must still rely on their skill to avoid the worst of anti-aerial batteries while keeping an eye for enemy fighters.

Even in the apparent quiet of outer space the presence of the Armageddon War appears. Satellite missile platforms orbit anonymously, waiting for the signal to deliver a deadly orbital strike to a target below, while their intelligence cousins relay military information to armies and mercenary companies like. While a relatively peaceful environment because of its inherent dangers, near space is beginning to see laser fire between cargo shuttles and defence satellites and stray missiles join the growing ring of space trash surrounding Earth. Space is an exciting frontier beckoning to humanity’s adventurous spirit. Whether it becomes a new hope for the future or simply the next battlefield is quite literally up in the air.”

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