Hack The Planet, softback roleplaying game


Hack The Planet, softback roleplaying game

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Hack The Planet, softback roleplaying game

“Cyberpunk Forged in the Dark

As our climate became radicalized, it resulted in more than just heavy weather — earthquakes, tornadoes, rising sea water, and the changes in rainfall, to name a few. This shift resulted in destabilized governments and banks, and the halting of technological progress on a massive scale. The Internet was destroyed, causing huge amounts of data loss. The landscape was altered irrevocably and continues to be reshaped by nature, creating a future where technological progress was stymied.

In the darkest hour Shelter 1, a superstructure with cutting edge technology was constructed with funds from corporations. Most climate refugees flocked to this Shelter. Now, years later, a massive Corporate City ruled by a corporatocracy is segregated from the ‘Zone, where all of the climate refugees live and work. Cut off from the wealth and excess the superrich enjoy.

You play a character who has had enough of this status quo. Rather than labor to make ends meet, you choose to live outside of corporate law, becoming Glitches in the system that serves only those in the city proper. The following playbooks are available for play:

The Edge is an enhanced and proficient fighter.
The Lens is a tracker and sniper.
The Torque is an inventor, saboteur, and doctor.
The Fuse is an infiltrator.
The Haunt is a shrewd hacker.
The Faint is a cunning strategist.
The Quirk is a wanderer and scholar.

Will you fly beyond the shelter’s safety, dropping from airships to salvage valuables, or become mercenaries who destabilize the corporations by assassinating those with political power and wealth? Play to find out, and play to take control back from those who have it.

In Hack The Planet you’ll create a character that fights back. That occupies the fringes of society and bucks the norm. Your entrance to the underworld of the ‘Zone is marked with a hack of the nanites in your blood, which allows the corporations to track you, and taking you off the grid–ready to start some trouble. The players form a crew that works together to accomplish their goals. Each one is unique and focuses on different setting elements.

Cleaners are mercenaries for hire.
Clippers are thugs with futuristic cycles.
Shifters chase Acts of God.
Wired deal in illicit goods.
Comets dive from airships, scavenging and stealing.

Hack the Planet is a Forged in the Dark game that uses the Blades in the Dark SRD with numerous changes to fit the cyberpunk-meets-climate fiction genre mashup of the setting. There are cybernetics, rules for Acts of God (radicalized natural disasters made worse by climate change), crew types that shift focus to different aspects of the setting, changes to how healing works, alternate actions from Blades, and much more!

There are also additional character & crew playbooks, and more factions from designers Andrew Gillis, Ash McAllan, Kate Bullock, Kira Magrann, and Melody Watson that change up the game substantially! From Storm Speaker witches to transhumanist gene-hacking rangers, these designers illustrate the creative potential for creating your own new content for your game!”

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