GURPS Cyberpunk, softback supplement for GURPS


GURPS Cyberpunk, softback supplement for GURPS, by Loyd Blankenship

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GURPS Cyberpunk, softback supplement for GURPS, by Loyd Blankenship

“Welcome to a world on the edge. Launched by the novels of William Gibson, propelled by the visions of Bruce Sterling, Rudy Rucker, Neil Stephenson and others, Cyberpunk is the fusion of science fiction and “noir,” a world in which the street finds its own uses for the gifts of science.

In this gritty high-tech, low-life future, technology is merely another tool of power, likelier to corrupt its users than ennoble them. But those without technology have no chance at all. Is it a victory if you survive but lose your freedom . . . or your humanity?

From ruthless corporations to half-mechanical back-alley killers, this book has it all. Also included are new advantages and disadvantages, netrunning rules, advice on tailoring a cyberpunk world to fit your own vision of the future, and dozens of deadly, miraculous gadgets that just might give your character the edge he needs to survive.”



This supplement got Steve Jackson Games and the author raided by the US Secret Service, who seemingly thought it was a manual on how to commit real computer crime. (Yes, really.) It’s one of the oddest stories you’ll ever hear about the RPG industry. The case led to the creation of the Electronic Frontier Foundation.


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