Gibbous Moon (Collector’s Edition), softback adventure for Pathfinder


Gibbous Moon (Collector’s Edition), softback adventure for Pathfinder, by Creighton Broadhurst and Jacob W. Michaels

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Gibbous Moon (Collector’s Edition), softback adventure for Pathfinder, by Creighton Broadhurst and Jacob W. Michaels

“Months ago, the necromancer Dunstan Wymer was gored by a wereboar and infected with lycanthropy. Almost driven insane by the realization of what he had become after awaking amid the gore and viscera of his companions’ eviscerated corpses, he has since shunned civilization instead seeking only solitude and the company of his undead servants. Terrified of the savage, bloody deeds he performs when the full moon shines down upon the world he now lurks within the remote hermitage at Clear Pool. In a desperate attempt to control his terrible, atavistic urges he has taken to stealing cattle from a nearby village to assuage his bestial lust for fresh, bloody flesh.

The unknowing villagers, however, are angry at the continued theft of their livestock and the arrival of a passing band of adventurers gives them the perfect tools to bring the culprit to justice…

Gibbous Moon is a short, flavoursome adventure designed to be completed in a single 4-5 hour session that offers a blend of roleplaying and combat opportunities. The action essentially takes place in single self-contained dungeon complex and is very easy to plug into a home campaign.

This is a Collector’s Edition version of the original module. It includes new material detailing the nearby village of Barlow as well as information designed to enable the GM to handle the party’s investigations in the village.
Praise for Gibbous Moon Collector’s Edition:

“Exciting and awesome, with resonating themes that surpass what one would expect from a short module”

–Endzeitgeist (five stars + seal of approval)

Praise for the Original Gibbous Moon:

“Lovely little mod – easily worth 5 stars…”

–Fleanetha (five stars)

“Short adventures such as these are a live saver when the GM (usually me) has had life intrude and very little time to work on the game.”

–Mine All mine…don’t touch (five stars)

“I would recommend this product to anyone looking for a fun little romp.”

–Golden-esque (four stars)

“This module makes for a nice insertion into your campaign and its web-enhancements ensure that a DM should be able to run this module on the fly, without any preparation. The variety of options on how to potentially resolve this sidetrek is what makes “Gibbous Moon” stand out…”

–Endzeitgeist (four stars)

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