Freiburg, boxed supplement and campaign for 7th Sea

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Freiburg, boxed supplement and campaign for 7th Sea

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Freiburg, boxed supplement and campaign for 7th Sea

“No Questions…

No Rules…

No Mercy…

Five years ago. Eisenfürst Nicklaus Trägue established a new kind of city: one free of government, laws and oppression; one where everyone was welcome. Freiburg has since become a haven for the desperate and ambitious: built on the remains of a drachen graveyard, sprawling beneath an alien watchtower, it seethes with untold corruption…and countless opportunities. Smugglers hawk their wares on the open streets, while secret societies pursue their hidden agendas with untold freedom. Self-appointed vigilantes rub shoulders with ruthless murderers, and adventurers from every nation in Théah come looking to make their fortunes. A river of gold runs through her streets, but only for those strong or depraved enough to take it. Here, hope walks hand-in-hand with despair and the shouts of the wealthy are too often drowned beneath the cries of the dying. Enter the city of Freiburg, where every man can become a king…or a corpse.

The Freiburg boxed set contains:

  • An extensive layout of the city, including important locations, NPCs and encounter charts.
  • A complete discussion of Freiburg’s laws, government, and society, including new information about Eisenfürst Trägue and detailed history of the area from the time of the Drachen to the present day.
  • “Hammer and Tongs”, a complete campaign set within Théah’s most dangerous city.
  • A beautiful fold-out map of central Freiburg.”




  • The City of Freiburg softback book (including campaign) (NEAR MINT condition)
  • The Sights of Freiburg softback book (NEAR MINT)
  • Welcome to Freiburg softback book (VERY GOOD)
  • Large poster map of the city (NEAR MINT)
  • Smaller version of the same map (NEAR MINT)

The box itself is in VERY GOOD condition.

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