Fort Bosvik (Battle Systems), cardboard terrain for any fantasy RPG or skirmish game

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Fort Bosvik (Battle Systems), cardboard terrain for any fantasy RPG or skirmish game

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Fort Bosvik (Battle Systems), cardboard terrain for any fantasy RPG or skirmish game

This is a complete Dwarf fortress that I used in my own Middle-earth campaign last year*. The terrain is cardboard terrain from Battle Systems. It is from their successful Fantasy Dungeon Kickstarter campaign (now mostly out of print and unavailable). It is modular card terrain for 28mm tabletop gaming systems.

I’ve called this ‘Fort Bosvik’ because that’s what I used it for, but actually since the terrain is completely modular and can be assembled and reassembled as many times as you like, you can make whatever you want with it.

It includes the following sets:

  • Fantasy Dungeon Set x 2
  • The Fortress x 2
  • Great Hall
  • Mines of Minerva
  • Extra clips

The cardboard is thick and durable, and fits together using a clever plastic clip system. It’s a massively flexible system and much, much cheaper than resin-based terrain systems. It’s very easy to create multi-level castles and dungeons. And the thick card can easily support the weight of even heavy metal miniatures.

It’s also much, much easier to store – it flat-packs. We’ll even throw in one 6″ tall Really Useful Box and three 3.5″ boxes which all stack together. If you want to keep your dungeon / castle / dwarf fortress / mine whatever assembled, you might want to invest in some more of these boxes.

Photos of my Fort Bosvik, from my campaign:

This is the moment when the orcs and trolls burst through the mines, having failed to breach the front gate. Luckily, the dwarves had time to prepare a barricade of chests, and to ready their White War Boar Chariot! (The chests and other furniture are included, but the orcs, trolls, dwarves and piggies aren’t.)

This video tutorial explains how to assemble the basic pieces:

You get an absolute ton of components. Approximately:

  • 2 600mmx600mm game mats
  • 60 Walls
  • 24 Doorway walls + 24 doors
  • 4 Bookcases
  • 8 trap counters
  • 54 struts + 28 torches
  • 8 Chairs
  • 8 Tombs
  • 8 Tables
  • 8 Chests
  • 36 Walkways (various shapes)
  • 48 Long balustrades
  • 42 Short balustrades
  • 30 pairs of wall converters
  • 12 Barrels
  • 12 stairs (small and large sizes)
  • 68 additional ramps
  • Lower wall entrance x2
  • Lower wall double corner entrance x2
  • Lower wall double corner x6
  • Lower wall inverted corner x8
  • Lower wall straight x16
  • Lower wall two way corner x8
  • Top wall entrance x12
  • Top wall #1 x24
  • Top wall #2 x12
  • Top wall #3 x12
  • Top wall #4 x12
  • Lower wall corner x16
  • Crenellations x36
  • Wooden double door x12
  • Multi-clips x48 pairs
  • 2 Iron furnaces
  • 2 Stone wells
  • 4 Counterfort
  • Great door x1
  • Grand staircase x1
  • Brazier x2
  • Tapestry x2
  • Mine entrance x1
  • Gold counters x4
  • Mine cart x1
  • Mine tracks x6
  • Scaffolding x1
  • Trapdoor counter x2

…and loads of plastic clips.








This set has obviously been used, so it’s almost all punched – but it’s also sorted and put into Really Useful Boxes (which are worth a little bit on their own). Otherwise it’s in really good condition and should give you years of play.



*If you’re interested, it was an important fortress held by the Stiffbeard Dwarves who dwell in the northern Red Mountains, and which holds an important pass. Our brave PCs helped the dwarves defend it against an orc attack.

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