Evolution Pulse (English language edition), softback campaign setting for Fate


Evolution Pulse (English language edition), softback campaign setting for Fate

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Evolution Pulse (English language edition), softback campaign setting for Fate

“Close your eyes and imagine hyper-technological and massive huge cities that expand all over the globe‚Äôs surface. Imagine a far away, remote future where technology has made great strides and in which humans are perfectly integrated. A perfect, radiant future where humanity has reached a new evolution.

A little black box containing something alien and unknown.

Close your eyes, can you feel your heartbeat? Every single atom of the world you know is synchronized to the pulsation of your heart. The box has been opened, reality has been remolded according to old inexplicable commands.

Open your eyes, the abandoned, destroyed huge cities are still there. Humans live in fear and despair, hidden in the darkest ruins. Droids are only old scraps, Artificial Intelligences are only old baluards of the times that have been. A dark, infinite, ravenous shadow is all over this.


Evolution Pulse is a Fate Core/Fate Accelerated setting. In this book, you will find all that you need to play your adventures in this dark future full of unique characters, who are able to manipulate reality. You will find all indications and suggestions you need to bring into your game all the features of the world of Evolution Pulse: from Executors, characters related to Artificial Intelligences, to fearsome and lethal Hekaths, inter-dimensional monsters who have devoured and destroyed the world.


Evolution Pulse requires Fate Core or Fate Accelerated to play. This 186-page supplement includes:

  • Four peculiar archetypes from which to choose your character, plus one extra special archetype, all of which bring powerful themes into play.
  • A detailed Approach system, diversified for each character archetype
  • A complete list of stunts, story-driven and specifically built to characterize each archetype
  • Rules and information on Hekaths, the fearsome enemies who seek to devour the world
  • Rules for the manipulation of reality and for the Pulse, the energy that feeds the fearsome Hekath
  • All the tools to give life to the world of Evolution Pulse, through a series of questions that allow you to create your own personal apocalypse at the mercy of the Hekath fury
  • Stories and tales to experience the dark world of Evolution Pulse from the eyes of its inhabitants

Close your eyes, synchronize the heartbeat, the evolution pulse.”

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