European Commonwealth, softback Shadowforce Archer supplement for Spycraft


European Commonwealth, softback Shadowforce Archer supplement for Spycraft, by Alexander Flagg, Lee Hammock, Lucien Soulban

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European Commonwealth, softback Shadowforce Archer supplement for Spycraft, by Alexander Flagg, Lee Hammock, Lucien Soulban

“Justice. Law. Know the difference.

With centuries-old traditions and roots in the world’s most feared secret societies, the European Commonwealth can (and has) blackmailed, blackballed, and broken presidents, premieres, and superpowers alike. Today, the combined forces of the elder power mongers known as the Gemeinschafft Consortium and the elusive ranks of Fade fight to keep the unstable political climate in their shadow community from exploding into open war. Included in this 128-page sourcebook are new European Commonwealth allies, mission protocols, and resources – everything you’ll need to play a commonwealth agent or campaign.

The Birthplace of espionage awaits…

Boardroom and Back Alley Spies! Venture from a house of lies to the gritty streets of nations where intelligence holds sway above all else. Here, it’s not the size of your gun or the power of your mind… Here, you live – and die – by your wits and cunning alone.

Presence rules and new ‘role’ feats, allowing you to become a superstar of stage and screen, and to wield your celebrity to win over the hearts and minds of audiences everywhere!

Shocking Revelations! Learn the incredible background behind one of Shadowforce Archer’s foremost heroes – and the steps taken to hide them!

Shadow Masters! Learn how the European Commonwealth dominates the world’s highest echelons of political might. Visit their inner halls of power, where the by-laws of the Archer Conspiracy are conceived… and enforced.

A new episode of the continuing SFA Interactive campaign, featuring dozens of plot hooks (both linked to new threats and free-standing) and a prop-driven Hook Sheet!

Two major new threats in the Shadowforce Archer universe, including a lost branch of the Archer family tree that’s come home to roost – or burn the nest to ashes!

New Base Class! Dominate public perception while gathering intelligence from the most guarded sources as a Spin Doctor, the master of innuendo and misdirection!

New Prestige Classes! Become a larcenous Intruder or investigate breaches of the Cloak and track down rogue Conspiracy agents as a Commonwealth Accuser!

Two new chase maps! Prague and the Monaco street track, with section-by-section race mechanics!

Requires the use of the Spycraft Espionage Handbook and the Dungeons & Dragons Player’s Handbook.”

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