Equipment Guide, softback supplement for 2300AD


Equipment Guide, softback supplement for 2300AD, by Lester W. Smith

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Equipment Guide, softback supplement for 2300AD, by Lester W. Smith

“The 2300AD Equipment Guide is an informative guide to the equipment available in the roleplaying setting of 2300AD. In this book, you will find all sorts of gear, from resupply packages for a basic first aid kit to the anagathic regimen, from simple mechanical locks to sophisticated retina scanners. Each piece of equipment is described in detail and all are fully illustrated, many in full color.

This guide is a valuable aid to play. Care has been taken to include items that are useful during adventures. Essential statistics are given in standard format. Text descriptions focus on not only how the equipment works but also how it fits into the world of the future. Equipment is divided into logical chapters, so that the reader can easily find the tpye of equipment that interests him and an alphabetical index is included.

But the 2300AD Equipment Guide is not just a guide to new equipment it is a guide to all equipment that a player might use. In this way, the reader is saved from having to search through various publications to find a description he needs:

  • Medical gear
  • Locks
  • Bugs
  • Scanners
  • Machines that can almost read minds
  • Computers
  • Subdermal electronics
  • Viewers
  • Compasses
  • Rations
  • Food Processors
  • Analytical Gear
  • Comabt walkers and rules
  • EVA gear
  • Pentapod products
  • Bizarre Kafer items

The 2300AD Equipment Guide is intended to be used by both the player and referee. For players, the lucid descriptions and beautiful illustrations will help to flesh out the world that is 2300AD. For the referee, helpful information such as where many of the items are available, new rules, and task statements of how items are to be used and the basic statistics listed for each item will aid in making adventures in 2300AD run smoothly. And it is a sure bet that many of the items listed in this book will serve as a spur to the referee’s imagination suggesting ideas for further adventures in 2300AD.”

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