Dragonlance: The Chaos War, Books One to Three, Dragonlance novels


Dragonlance: The Chaos War, Books One to Three, Dragonlance novels

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Dragonlance: The Chaos War, Books One to Three, Dragonlance novels

The Chaos War Series, Books One to Three:

  • The Doom Brigade, by Margaret Weis & Don Perrin (hardback)
  • The Last Thane, by Douglas Niles (paperback)
  • Tears of the Night Sky, by Linda P. Baker and Nancy Varian Berberick

All three books are in NEAR MINT condition.


The Doom Brigade

“At the height of the Chaos War, two isolated groups of enemies–dwarves and draconians, reptilian minions of Dragons–are forced into an uneasy alliance to battle a common foe that could spell the end of all.”


The Last Thane

“For generations the baser clans of Thorbardin have raged against Hylar, ancestral rulers of the vast underground realm. Now, the finest Hylar army has marched away to face the Knights of Takhisis — and the dark dwarves see their opportunity.

Besieged in the Life Tree that is their fortress city, the Hylar struggle to survive. Magic and madness threaten from all sides as Theiwar, Daergar, and Klar press the onslaught with bloodthirsty frenzy.

The forces of Chaos join the battle against all dwarvenkind. And hopes grow dim as the Hylar face ultimate betrayal and confront the specter of Torbardin’s ultimate doom.

This exciting new novel by popular Dragonlance author Douglas Niles tells the tale of the legendary dwarven kingdom during the Chaos War, the backdrop for The New York Times best-selling novel, Dragons of Summer Flame.”


Tears of the Night Sky

“A journey into peril.

Cyrsania, high priestess of the Temple of Paladine, is blind to the beauty of the world but not to the joy of her faith. Lately, though, her communion with the god of light has become distant. Now a mysterious stone has come into her possession. Its power compels her to undertake a perilous quest, accompanied by a strange band of companions.

Together they endure the burning heat of Krynn’s most violent summer as they struggle toward their destination: the Temple at Neraka.

If they reach it, their world will be transformed forever.

This novel, set in the time of the Chaos War, brings to life the story of Crysania, a Revered Daughter of Paladine, and Dalamar, the dark elf.”

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