Dragonlance, boxed board game

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Dragonlance, boxed board game

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Dragonlance, boxed board game

“Recover the legendary Dragonlance, ultimate weapon against the evil dragons who serve the Queen of Darkness.

Take to the skies on a dragon’s back, and duel your enemies in 3-D aerial combat as you strive to enter the Forbidden Tower.

Capture the Lance and return to your lair to win the game. But beware! Only the bravest will triumph in the final battle between good and evil.

The Dragonlance Game. The final challenge in the ultimate fantasy saga.



  • Basic Rules booklet (NEAR MINT condition)
  • Advanced Rules booklet (NEAR MINT_
  • Full-colour gameboard (MINT)
  • Thirty miniature dragons, in six different colours (ALL PRESENT)
  • The Dragonlance Tower, complete with outer wall and six gates (NEAR MINT)
  • Twenty-four Magic Cards (ACTUALLY TWENTY-THREE, NEAR MINT)
  • Six Magic Item Cards (actually SEVEN, NEAR MINT)
  • Six Character Cards (NEAR MINT)
  • 2 ten-sided dice (PRESENT) and more.”

The box itself is in POOR condition.

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