Demilich, by Victoria Clare, original painting on circular upcycled board



A unique original painting of a Demilich filled with wicked schemes, his ruby eyes glowing and the rough-shaped diamonds of his teeth in a wide grin. Around him, the ghosts of adventurers trapped by dark enchantments glimmer. The ghosts change in visibility as the light moves, flickering in and out of view as you move around the room.

This painting is circular, and 25 centimeters in diameter, about the size of a dinner plate. It was created using acrylic paints on a recycled board. The original board had a slightly bumpy texture, which has interacted interestingly with the palette knife to give the painting more depth. Details, and the disembodied spirits of lost adventurers, are picked out in semitransparent gold paint that varies in visibility as the light changes, providing an eye-catching effect.

The edges of this work are finished, so it can be hung as it is without framing. It could be hung using a simple adhesive or black wire plate hanger, or displayed on a plate stand (all widely available via homeware shops and Ebay).

Victoria Clare is a fantasy artist and roleplayer based in Cornwall in the UK. You can see more of her work here :