Caves & Caverns, softback supplement for Pathfinder

Caves & Caverns, softback supplement for Pathfinder, by Creighton Broadhurst and David Posener

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Caves & Caverns, softback supplement for Pathfinder, by Creighton Broadhurst and David Posener

“In the deep, hidden places of the world where darkness rules, lurk dangers beyond the wildest nightmares of most who dwell in the sunlit uplands of the surface. Only the bravest and most skilled adventurers dare to invade the realms of the depraved duergar, the insane derro or the spider worshipping drow. Beyond these terrible threats lurk the predators of the wild lands chief amongst them the feared purple worm and the implacable roper.

Running a campaign, or extended adventure, in the deep places of the world requires extensive preparation and planning. Caves & Caverns alleviates a GM’s preparation time allowing him to focus on providing exciting and compelling adventures by providing the tools to craft memorable adventures.

Caves & Caverns presents:

  • 27 ready-made encounters (CR 6 -12) suitable as random encounters or as a springboard to the next adventure
  • Over 60 full stat blocks (CR 1 – 13)
  • Information on the features and hazards of deep cave networks
  • And more!



Praise for Caves & Caverns

“Caves and Caverns is one of those titles I purchased in PDF first and loved so much I had to have a Hardcopy to faun over and really cherish.”

–Pierre H (five stars)

“This supplement reeks of homage to classics like Descent into the Depths of the Earth and The Night Below Campaign, but with fresh, new ideas and twists to make each encounter worthwhile and memorable plus easy to run. I’ll be referencing and using this for a long time!!”

–DM Jeff (five stars)

“The encounters of the second chapter are on par with the stellar quality of most Raging Swan files and even surpasses the most imaginative and iconic NPCs yet presented by them…you get an excellent resource for the Underdark that oozes passion, heart’s blood, quality and feels like a labour of love – all while providing one of the most easily usable books I’ve read in quite a while”

-Endzeitgeist (five-stars + seal of approval)

“The first chapter and random tables of the second chapter is reason enough to pick this up for anyone planning to run any games in the underdark. The encounters are just a bonus and a good bonus at that.”

-Dark Mistress (five-stars)

“The GM’s Resource series is the perfect set of supplements for the GM that doesn’t have enough prep time, whose player’s like to make unexpected decisions, or is simply too lazy. Caves & Caverns is the ultimate addition to that line, giving you a single focal point for those adventures that reach the depths of the dark places.”

-Roleplayer’s Chronicle (9/10)

“This book will supply everything you could want to know about the underworld and to create superb dungoeans and caverns for use speedily.”

–John2412 (five stars)

“You get a lot of bang for your buck here folks. If you’re planning on doing any underground adventuring with your group, Caves & Caverns is a no-brainer to pick up to add more inspiration to your preparation.”

-Game Knight Reviews



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