Book of Quests, softback adventure anthology for Mythras


Book of Quests, softback adventure anthology for Mythras

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Book of Quests, softback adventure anthology for Mythras

“A set of linked adventures, The Book of Quests introduces you to The Realm and the insane schemes of the outlawed sorcerer, Jedakiah.

Jedakiah has returned to The Realm. What are his schemes? Who are his allies? What malevolence has he planned? Who can challenge him, defeat him? Can The Realm even win?

Book of Quests follows the sorcerer’s nefarious plans from one end of The Realm to the other. Seven scenarios that can be played together as a campaign, or run individually, slotting into any Mythras setting. These scenarios take the characters from insect-infested swamps, to political intrigue in the hearts of cities, and thence to the mountain fortress of the Chaos Mother.


Join Jhonen’s caravan as it heads north to Aylesford – there to discover a terrible secret…

Beneath the Black Water

Lord Drystan’s niece has been kidnapped by the vile creatures of the Frogfens. Can the characters save her from She Who Dwells Beneath?

Shadows Behind the Throne

King Myur, ruler of The Realm, harbours a secret of his own. Can the party uncover the truth – and will they save him, or damn him?

The Chaos Mother’s Chalice

An ancient temple hides an important artefact crucial to Jedakiah’s plans. Can the characters find it before the sorcerer’s agents? Can they survive its corrupting influence?

Curse of the Contessa

The Contessa, a forlorn beauty, is devoted to her only child. What lies behind her sadness? Who is seeking to control the nobles of The Realm? Are things really what they seem?

Raid on Yagelan’s Bluff

An evil race is rising again in the north; The Realm’s only chance of survival is to strike hard and strike fast. The characters must venture into the strange lair of a stranger race, confronting the vile creations being bred to deliver slaughter and mayhem…

Reckoning at Distaff Peak

The sorcerer must be defeated; his plans must be stopped. All that stands between Jedakiah’s evil are the characters – and the reckoning looms at Dark Child’s Tower…”


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