Aysle, softback supplement for Torg

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Aysle, softback supplement for Torg



Aysle, softback supplement for Torg

“The Near Now …

Later today, early tomorrow, sometime next week,
the world began to end.

The United Kingdom, Ireland and the Scandinavian nations have been invaded by raiders from another cosm — another reality. These Possibility Raiders have come to steal Earth’s living energy … to consume its possibilities. They have brought with them their own reality, and now portions of Europe have become someplace else.

The magical reality of Aysle has come to Earth, but not in the manner
originally planned. Now two powerful beings vie for control of this
patchwork realm — Lady Pella Ardinay of the Light, and Lord Angar
Uthorion of the Dark. Creatures of myth and legend roam the streets of London and Stockholm, and sorcery has become commonplace in Dublin and Oslo.

Now the things of fantasy mix with 20th-century technology, elemental dragons rule the skies, and Northern Europe is locked in a struggle between good and evil. At stake is Earth’s reality.

This is the realm of …




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