About The Shop on the Borderlands

Do you remember when every town had its own friendly local games shop? Most of those have gone now, but if you’re like me then some of your best and earliest roleplaying memories will have come from the thrill of browsing through the racks and pondering how to spend your hard-earned cash. Granted, most RPG books in those days had somewhat dodgy art, and they might not have been as polished and shiny as the stuff the major companies publish nowadays, but they were good. I bet there are plenty of rulebooks and boxed sets and adventures and supplements that you saw in your friendly local game shop all those years ago and wish you’d bought at the time. Well now you can – because The Shop on the Borderlands is where you can find those sought after long out-of-print role playing games.   So let me tell you a bit more about…




‘The Shop on the Borderlands’ is a trading name of Phlegmatic Limited, company number 8946172, registered in England and Wales.

Registered office Phlegmatic Limited, Moorland Butts, Chilsworthy, Gunnislake, Cornwall, United Kingdom, PL18 9PB.

[email protected]

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